This design project seeks to practice accessible design through an imagined travel website concept. Website concept will be captured through five spreads; Landing page, an explore page, a specific package page and a two payment pages.


The website seeks to attract this audience by having a simple, heightened appearance. The simplicity and reduced clutter help the viewer enjoy their experience rather than be overwhelmed. The simplicity and reduced options make the website predictable and make it clear to viewers of all backgrounds and abilities, what to expect from each section. The larger text scale and high contrast figures and ground make it accessible for viewers for people who rely on screen readers and for people with disability. This focus on cleanliness and simplicity in design makes the task of trip booking less overwhelming. This project was created through observations of existing website design, the appealing qualities were strengthened, and the dysfunctional features were discarded.


On the landing page there is a distinct search bar which promotes ease of use, reinforcing WCAG II keyword accessibility. The main explore page begins with a 4 column grid offering colourful, diverse options, without being overwhelming for the viewer. There is a drop-down button, that welcomes viewers to explore more. The open edge-to-edge photos create an immersive experience for viewers. This strategy would be brought into the specific event tab; The specific location section captures a quick and simple overview of the trip, hotel description, and amenities. The location page is paired with the option to view similar options, allowing for convenient access for users to narrow down what they are looking for. The final pages are to imitate the payment process. The payment process strives to make the process as simple as possible; instead of a large overwhelming and clustered form to fill out, this concept breaks up the payment into three simplified pages. This promotes accessibility, through reduced content and large readable text.  Below the panel is accompanied by reassurances to the consumer, such as the legitimacy of the prices and security of the process.


Through the use of colour, rounded type and absence of excess content and information, the website Amelia makes looking for trips easy. Overall, the simple, and user-friendly design make the target audience feel comfortable in the search for a trip, making the online search fun instead of a draining and overwhelming process.

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