Lord of the Flies


Growing up I have always been a fan of the story and rich themes of William Goldings, The Lord of The Flies. As a design challenge, it was sought to redesign the cover, using texture and illustration to communicate the primal nature of the novel.


An illustration of the novel’s severed sow head was overlaid with the original crumpled paper texture to communicate Golding’s themes of humanity’s inherent savagery. Minion Variable Concept was selected as there was a clear formality and timelessness to it, which contrasted the savage appearance of the cover. The font was further modified to add thematic elements such as curved embellishments and imagery representing the balance between formality and savagery with suggestions of what’s to come, such as the recurring symbols of fire throughout the novel and the cracking of Piggy’s glasses. The dust-jacket interior flaps have an illustration of a conch on the first flap and the Lord of the Flies head on the second to symbolize the transition from civilization to savagery through the progression of the book. The paper texture was digitally modified to appear burned to foreshadow the burning of the forest jungle within the novel; This reinforced the visual symbolism of the downfall of civilization and order.


This cover layout concept for William Golding’s Lord of the Flies combines photography, typography and illustration cleverly communicates the contents and themes of the book.

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